FOCUS lighting products range from traditional incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, fluorescent circular lamps, as well as the most popular energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps.  For more than 30 years, the company has grown its product lines to hundreds of SKUs, vary in voltages, wattages, lumens, lamp bases, wirings, colors, glass-shapes, etc.  


  • Warm, Friendly and Popular 
  • This ordinary incandescent light bulb is still the most popular light source. It is still the number one choice for general lighting because of their economical price.  Its warm light creates a pleasant atmosphere.

  • First Choice for Durability
  • This lamp produces 70% of artificial light throughout the world.  For economical reasons, fluorescent lamp is the first choice for many applications because they combine high luminous efficacy with low power consumption.

  • Economy in Compact Form
  • This lamp, also known as energy-saving lamp, gives great looks, excellent light, and saves energy.  It reduces electricity costs by up to 8-% compared with incandescent lamp of the same brightness.  It also lasts eight times longer. 
  • Compact, Circular, Rectangular Forms
  • This lamp has long life performance for up to 100,000 hours (up to 100 times compare to incandescent lamp).  It is widely used in industrial facilities, highway lights, tunnels, shopping malls, walkways, etc.


Started in 1980, FOCUS Group has confidently emerged into one of the largest electrical cable and wire manufacturer in South-East Asia. Since 1990, Focus Electrical Cable & Wire division has expanded its production capacity by relocating to the largest industrial city of Surabaya, Indonesia, where it fully manages and controls all manufacturing processes from raw material processing until finished-goods.

In 2000, the company has adapted the most stringent Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2000 system.  The company manufacturers high quality electrical cables, which comply with International Product Standard (IEC), Indonesian National Standard (SNI), Indonesian State Electricity Company Standard (SPLN), and Energy Management Organization Standard (LMK).


  • NYY Cable
  • Technically designed for a low voltage cable operating from 600 to 1000 volts.  Application includes direct burial and underground installation
  • NYFGbY Cable
  • Technically designed for a low voltage cable operating from 600 to 1000 volts with extra steel protection suitable for indoor, outdoor, and underground installation.
  • NYM Cable
  • Technically designed for a low voltage cable ranging from 300 to 500 volts, used for indoor application and installation. For outdoor installation, a UV protection is required to prevent damage from direct sunlight.
  • NYMHY Cable
  • Technically designed for a low voltage flexible cable between 300 to 500 volts.  It is ideally used as control, signal, and power cable in various applications.
  • NYA Cable
  • Technically designed for a low voltage cable ranging from 300 to 500 volts.  It is normally used for buildings and distribution panel connector.  It is commonly installed inside PVC insulation pipes providing extra protection from outside interference. 
  • NYAF Cable
  • It is an alternative to NYA Cable, using fine copper wire bunched together as main conductor.
  • NYZ Cable
  • Technically designed for a low voltage flexible cable between 300 to 500 volts.  It is ideally used as control, signal, and power cable in various applications.
  • Indoor Telephone Cable
  • Designed and manufactured especially for indoor telecommunication applications.
  • Automotive, Home, Audio Cables
  • Designed and manufactured especially for indoor automotive industry according to its specified standards, home appliance applications, as well as audio system applications.  Maximum operating voltage is 500 volts.
  • Custom-Made Wires & Cables
  • Designed and manufactured according to customer's specifications and requirements.








In the effort to manage and control all lighting manufacturing processes from raw materials to finished-goods, FOCUS Group has expanded its division arms to manufacture high precision quality lighting components, such as:  filaments, lead-in-wire, and support-wires for lighting industry.  The company has become one of the largest lighting-components manufacturer in South-East Asia since 1982, supplying major brands world wide.


These lighting components comply with IEC and JIS (Japanese Product Standard), while the company's facilities are Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2000 system certified.     


The Company produces all variety types of filaments used for general lighting and automotive lighting, using technology by FALMA of Switzerland and TUNGSRAM of Hungary, Taiwan, and PRC.



Technically designed for use in Incandescent Lamps, Fluorescent Lamps, and Starter, using technology from Taiwan and PRC.  Lead-In-Wire is available in two types based on the number of sections per piece: 



Technically manufactured for use in Incandescent Lamps, using technology from FALMA of Switzerland and Taiwan.  Support-Wire is made from molybdenum wire ranging from 89 µ (3.5 mil) - 204 µ (8 mil).


Filaments, Lead-in-Wire, and Support-Wire designed and manufactured according to customer's specifications.



In the year of 2000, Focus Group expanded its arm to include a full service printing and packaging division, under PT. Tjipto Langgeng Abadi (TLA).  PT. TLA has grown into a commercial printing and packaging company world wide with outstanding achievements, steady growth, professional management team, and top-notch customer service.  The company has more than 100 professionals with more than 20 years experiences.

PT. TLA utilizes modern equipments (from Japan, USA, Germany, Switzerland), high-quality materials, and professional designers to provide top quality in-house production services from the earliest stage of any printing projects (from sketch drawings to print-ready designs).  A few of the company projects include:  Calendar, Brochures, Ice Cream wraps, Lighting Packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Cigarettes Packaging, Food Packaging, Labels, etc.

Through integration of technology, quality materials (e.g. papers, glue, etc) and experienced operators, PT. TLA is able to produce variety of top quality paper base products.

The company has embarked upon a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 thus ensuring product's integrity and customer satisfaction.  PT. TLA serves both domestic and international printing and packaging markets.