Starting as a traditional business for more than thirty years, Focus Group (FOCUS) with its main brand "FOCUS" has been one of the leading lighting manufacturer in South-East Asia.  Today, Focus Group has grown to successfully operating and managing four major divisions;  Lighting, Electrical Cable & Wire, Lighting-Components, and Printing & Packaging Divisions.  Each division is professionally managed by experienced management teams with the same goals;  to provide quality products and services with commitment for excellent customer satisfactions.


To maintain competitiveness in the global market, FOCUS Group is committed to continuously improving its competitive advantages by  producing better quality, faster delivery, and more competitively-priced products for its valuable customers in both domestic and international markets.


Business that started from just manufacturing lighting products in 1976, FOCUS Group has continuously expanding its manufacturing process, with a clear goal to better control its lighting products starting from high quality raw materials to finished-goods, until distributions of its products to the markets.


Aggressive expansion plans have led FOCUS Group to now have multiple other divisions of the company, which operate as arms and legs of the group to research, develop, design, manufacture, warehouse, and distribute its products efficiently. 

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